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Driving license training is a matter of trust!

Are you looking for a competent driving school in Ingolstadt?

  • We are your professional contact for driving license training !!!

  • We offer quality, reliability and fun in training!

  • We have the right vehicle especially for cars and motorcycle training!

  • Through targeted and class-specific training, our learner drivers acquire all the basics for theory and practice to acquire a driver's license!


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B197 training

From April 1st, 2021, you have the opportunity to drive vehicles with the manual gearbox with an apprenticeship and a subsequent test with a vehicle with the automatic gearbox.

The prerequisite for this is at least one

10-hour (45 minutes) training with a car with the manual gearbox and a subsequent 15-minute review of skills and knowledge by the driving instructor!


B196 training

Are you 25 years old and have had a class B driving license for at least 5 years?

Since January 1st, 2020, after 4 teaching units (90 minutes each) and

10 driving hours (45 minutes each) in Germany

Driving motorcycles with a driving license class A1.

Driving license training

Car practical training

You will complete your training on the latest generation of vehicles, equipped with the latest driver assistance systems that make learning a lot easier.
We want to make driving access as easy as possible for you!

PKW Ausbildung.jpeg

Motorcycle practical training

We don't just ride bikes, we love to ride bikes!
And we want to pass this feeling on to our learner drivers.
We do our best so that you can enjoy this feeling of freedom as safely and without fear as possible.

Car with a trailer

Whether B96 or BE, whether forwards or backwards. With us you will become a professional!

car-trailer traveling on the road to rur

Visit us

The driving school by Hansi, Unterhaunstädter Weg 2 a,

85055 Ingolstadt, Germany

0841 23239081


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